A Conversation to END HOMELESSNESS in America

Momentary Times- A Documentary Film to Start a Conversation for Ideas to END HOMELESSNESS in America, where the average age is 9 years old.



Watch (copy/paste) these 3-5 minute trailers for a better idea:

One Man had an Idea. He left the comfort and security of his satisfying job (that he loves) on the west coast to head 3500 miles away to an under-served area of New England to film the area’s family homeless population that is struggling to survive in this dire economy. A 4-month unpaid sabbatical.

His Mission in 100 Days:

Film a Documentary (funny, quirky, REAL, and light-hearted) to Educate People and Change the Country’s view on the most vulnerable people in USA- the Homeless. Families with young children are growing in numbers each year.

A thesis of Film? That Archie Bunker’s irreverent humor was as much a force as helping end racism as many other things, and also that Gandhi said, “Everyone has a piece of the Truth.” No political or religious agenda. Just people and ideas to help END homelessness in America. Truly.

Specifically, the film chronicles Dan Mitchell from February 1, 2011 for 100 days as he works to build a consensus and networked collaboration of small business, churches, municipalities, corporate sponsors, neighbors, and unexpected angels from around the country, from scratch.

Check our Film Clip/ Blog page here from our Journey so far.

Momentary Times is a film about Hope. Interviews will be done with people who operate shelters well, organizations and those that struggle, the understandable NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) concerns, financial constraints, misunderstandings, and ongoing issues that continue to plague this great country in terms of eradicating or minimizing suffering, pain, loss of dignity and cycles that may continue. Case Managers and those on the front lines of social service will be candid and insightful. Future solutions and outside the box thinking will be discovered.

But mostly? It’s about documenting real and immediate ideas and solutions for the 1.5 million children that are homeless EACH YEAR in our great Country. Truly, it IS about the children.

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