Phase Two….

Today I returned to my “regular gig” as Director of family homeless shelters in Vancouver, WA (15 minute drive from my apartment in hometown Portland, OR). It was somewhat of a transition after cross-country 100 days of filming for next year’s planned OSCAR-WINNING Documentary of “Momentary Times.”

I was reminded how in AWE I am of my fellow social service workers as I came back to an atmosphere of Hope, Hard Work, Team Work, and Heart that my agency members put into EACH and EVERY (Truly!…) day. They deal with the “neediest of the needy” in an ongoing effort to improve lives. They have “Server’s Hearts.”

We also had our weekly 9pm House Meeting (the 20 kids are in bed) with the 20 adults who can stay for up to 60 days before their time runs out, according to government regulations. I told them what I tell EVERY group at these meetings. The Truth- that THEY are my “Heroes;” They get up every morning, get their kids ready for school, feed them, get them on bus, go out looking for jobs that don’t exist, deal with bureaucracies, illnesses, barriers, and distress…then come back to shelter to smile while their kids get off the bus, do homework with them, have dinner, read to them, do their house chores…ALL with no security of where they and their kids will sleep in the upcoming weeks. Our clients are amazing.

A 12-hour (first) day back; I’ll pace myself better as the week wears on; meeting Wednesday night with an International Film Director (with his base in Portland, OR) interested in helping with our Film. We’re pressing forward. I’m a VERY stubborn Irishman. The Film will be amazing, will affect lives positively, and will be ready for distribution later this Summer. It’s a process, but “all good.” Stay tuned! G’nite and “Keep Smiling”… :-)

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