Like an empty hospital….

…I have no patience.

Bambi 5 months ago...

This film making business is not for people who follow a giant athletic shoe company’s motto. In the world of digital, high definition documentary post production, “Just Do It” seems to be a foreign concept. There’s always something that inevitably delays what theoretically (or at least in my own mind) should be a simple task.

It’s been five months since I met a smiling, clear-eyed, vibrant 29 year old teacher WITH NO LEGS sitting on a blue blanket with two small dogs while her husband panhandled up the street in order to have a place for him and his wife to sleep.

And this…was actually a week before I began the film making process. Everyday, with twenty children and twenty adults residing in the family homeless shelter where I work (they can have up to 60 days, but HUD has given indications they want families out in 20 days!…), I grow more impatient with the process.

Perhaps we try TRUE capitalism and outsource a solution to the homeless problem.
Today, the changes to the policies (HEARTH Act) was compared favorably to “a slow moving ferry- deliberate, on course, takes time…” Unless there’s an administrative change and then Bambi and more children will fall victim to outmoded politics.

A revolt is needed. A sense of urgency. A loud scream that “the Emperor has no clothes.” But since I’m no good with weapons and assembling a mutiny on national social services would cut into my daily 10 minute power nap…I’ll settle for a Film with high hopes to effect change.

Hang in there, Bambi…at least it’s summer on San Francisco sidewalks….

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