Judgment for All…

Only blonde women should vote. (1920 Suffrage Movement)
Only “coloreds” with lightest skin should be integrated (1964 Civil Rights)
Only children born with slight handicaps should use ADA (1990 Disabilities Act)
Only “straight looking” people should have freedom of choice (2010 whatever-law)

These restrictions would have almost been as ridiculous as the prejudicial barriers they represented. How do you parse equality and what is right?

Right is right- or should be in this country. I’m positive this is what our Founding Fathers (and MOST probably the Founding Mothers who did their laundry) had in mind.

Yet, when we talk about “homelessness” we suddenly want to parse the issue of whether EVERYONE should be entitled to: basic air, water, food, AND shelter. Constitutional laws be damned! Cute kids? Sure! Grown men? Not so much.

Earl- Homeless for 1st time this year.

So I show “trailers” to friends, families, prospective producers, people of common means and others of extraordinary financial wealth. The conversation inevitably turns to “judgment” of who should be able to sleep safely and securely at night. Just children? Elderly? Handicap? How did they get handicapped? Veterans who had ten bombs blow up near them?…or Veterans who operated clones dropping bombs from 100 miles away? Nice people? Crabby people who may have mental health issues?

Grown black men like Earl (above) or the 11 year old Jasmine (top)? Both are currently homeless for their first times in this past year, living in nearby cities on west coast.

Some of the most seemingly smart, savvy, kind, far left, far right, intelligent, salt-of-the-earth, humble, bodacious, successful, calm, excitable, loving, closed-in, quiet or verbose people I know…still only know what they know.

They are trapped in their own humanness. And with that understandable myopia and prejudice, the parsing begins. Which convinces me more than ever that this Film must be made as soon as possible.

Have I ever questioned it’s premise? To start a conversation to truly END HOMELESSNESS in America? Absolutely not. I am trapped in my own humanness, but I step outside of that each and every day with people who show me the Truth (some of who are pictured in this post)

How do YOU parse “equality” if, like me, you were to view “shelter” in the same light as “air?” Who deserves “air?”…is the same to me as Who deserves “shelter?”

We all do. We ALL do. There is plenty of both, thankfully, to go around.

Families and children represent 40% of all homeless

Judgment for All. Otherwise, all we would have is a blonde, mulatto, stuttering Tom Cruise as our only voter in America….

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