What will we say to them?…

How will we as America and community look them in the eye?...

Ten minutes from where I live, in the bustling city of Portland, Oregon, a few courageous families told me, “I want people to know.” Know what?… the true faces of America’s homeless, including their own children.

YOU explain it to her, okay?....

While we have this weekend to barbecue, jet ski, drink, travel, yell at our giant flat screen television sets at major league baseball players, and bemoan the fact that our “leaders” are AWOL (just when you think they CAN’T screw up anymore, there comes a new crisis like the “debt ceiling…” aye yi yi) many—like the children pictured here, cling to a daily existence of homelessness that we can never imagine.

This post isn’t to make anybody feel guilty. Really, it isn’t. It’s just that this whole homelessness thing, with the average age being NINE (9) years old in America, is STOOPID. Truly STOOPID. We need to make a Change and a Statement NOW!

Homeless at seven years old in the Pacific Northwest...

What can you do? Everybody is tight for money. My suggestion is to take an initiative to have a GROUP fundraiser, have fun with it whatever it is! Car wash, Battle of the Bands, church event, neighborhood gathering, work or celebrity connections, whatever your talents and networking can do—IF you believe that this Film can Make a Difference to educate America about the 1.5 million children homeless in America each year.

The $100,000 I was told it would take to make this Film?…well, we’re halfway there with about ten dollars in the bank currently. I am grateful for being “halfway across the lake” in this process. I am impatient to move faster. I will appear at ANY function that will help educate and raise funds to finish Momentary Times. Remember- M-F 9-5 I am Director of family homeless shelters AND Director of Children’s Hunger Initiative in our area. I need a nap after work….evenings and weekends? Sign me up!

30 Days… let’s just do it. By September 15th, let’s create a Miracle together. No individual donations- just groups. How can YOU help? Thanks for following here. Your (sometimes blind) Faith feeds the efforts to make possible the impossible.

These children are depending on us. Peace!

He wants a Voice in the Film...please help him.

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2 Responses to What will we say to them?…

  1. Lisa Mumma says:

    Only together can we make a difference:)

  2. Diego says:

    I respect you so much for doing this. Count me a upsporter!Your saying about taking basic things we do daily for granted really struck home for me. I have had several encounters as of late that have made me aware of my (and others’) mortality, and it is an incredibly heavy feeling. It has made me flash back through my memories, digging up some really hard times that I went through, and I wondered the same thing as you did what would’ve happened to me had I not had the love and support of some amazing people?It never ceases to amaze me how a small act in the way of helping someone can have HUGE reverberating effects. I think at the end of the day, it is always a warm and empowering feeling to know there are people there who care about you. Best of luck!

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