Nero and the Lyre…

The phrase, “Nero fiddled while Rome burnt” is impossible.

Last month hiding wide in the open...

The Great Fire of 62 AD would be going on without a fiddle available until the invention of it in the 16th Century. Maybe Nero had a lyre. Maybe he was a liar and really set the fire, but maybe his enemies were jealous and blame Nero for the devastating fire.

The “Yes We Can” Man went whining about the economy again this week. “Not my fault- I inherited it.” The equally impotent clowns in the senate and house chambers pointed fingers, wrung their hands, and watched the stock market graphs make more moves than a Hawaiian hula dancer.

Is there an ADULT in any room in D.C. ? Momentary Times is not based on any religious or political agenda…HOWEVER there are times when the idiocy of many moments calls for people to stand up and cry aloud, “The Emperor(s) have no clothes.”

Futile? Perhaps. Until it happens nation or world wide. Then we will ask and whine as well, “Who was asleep at the wheel?” We all were. All of us. Sometimes I secretly wish for a seismic plummet of the stock market…say- down to the number “Zero.”

Will people THEN, FINALLY, AT LAST…speak up for the most vulnerable of the vulnerable in our communities- the homeless? I wonder- what WILL it take? This is Madness that continues from crisis-to-crisis. Incredible. Simply incredible.

The thought of making a Film to help end homelessness appears “crazy” to most. Why bother? Why try? How can you think it might help? My retort is always, “How can you think it could make things any worse?!”

Hope Springs Eternal

There are small children, babies, and elderly sleeping outside in bushes, gatherings, broken cars, and alleyways tonight and every night in America. Senators and Presidents making hundreds of thousands of dollars of our taxpayer money THREATEN to cut the meager aid to these people in need month-in and month-out whenever a political issue comes up.

They are bullies. P.A.s is what I call them. Punk-Asses. They are illegitimate “leaders” of mostly very wonderful and hard working people in this country. I can’t dismantle the government (believe me, I would if I could) but I can do something…

I can shame them with humor, honesty, and truths exposed on Film. Another option is to make a Film 40 years from now, as they did with the Civil Rights Era, showing gross injustices from a rear view mirror perspective.

Now THAT….knowing what we know currently…WOULD be “crazy.”

Nero may have HAD a lyre, but most certainly, those “in charge” are indeed LIARS.
But we shall move forward tomorrow….because as the quote states:

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words – wait and hope” (Alexandre Dumas Pere)

Heroes struggling day in and day out...

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