Benevolently Irrational

The Film is right on schedule.

Homeless at seven years old in the Pacific Northwest...

When I began this Project, I was told “It’s a Process” and that, although in THEORY it should be easy to get completed, the reality is that on anything “worthwhile” forces will usually materialize to act as barriers to slow down what SHOULD be an easy gig!

My impatience is a double-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. I had my own “schedule” based on what is practical, efficient, and seemingly “do-able.”

The Film is right on schedule- just not mine. More on the schedule of what creative folks told me early on—that if you have something unique, worthwhile, and controversial, that somewhere along the Path, there will be naysayers telling me to be “more realistic, why bother, be responsible, relax, it’ll never work.”

The concept of the Film is seemingly Simple; to start a conversation to END Homelessness, in a candid, humorous, and emotionally riveting manner that has answers and opinions on all sides of the issue. With all sides of the issue included.

I have been reminded how afraid the topic makes people feel. When folks stop to hear that nearly ALL of their preconceived notions of the issue are fallible and wrong. When told that 40% of homeless are families, children, teens, and when faced with research that identifies 80% of substance addiction is related to childhood sexual abuse. Try introducing THAT concept to a group of drunk patrons (lower end and higher end alcoholic beverages included) and watch the resistance and walls go up.

When the economy is SO fragile, that understandably afraid people cling to what they “have” in terms of materialistic shields, judging the neediest of the needy (average age 9 years old of homeless in America) in order to delusionally protect what little they may have- until an accident, an illness, or a life-changing event brings them to their metaphorical knees.

As a child, I always wondered what white people were afraid of when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke. Why is “Peace” so scary? It seemed like such a simple and inclusive concept. Certainly nothing to shoot a Man in the head over, is it?

We talk about governments, politics, wars, big business, and those in power as being the cause of things that aren’t right. But really? We have the ability to make Change if we want it. We just have to want it bad enough.

So many of us are afraid to color outside the lines. We rant at those who do. I heard the phrase “Benevolently Irrational” the other day, and have decided to embrace it. It’s a better phrase than the condescending “naive, foolish, why bother, have you got it out of your system, not financially responsible project, nutty, crazed, it’ll never happen” comments I’ve received this Summer.

In a country of 300 million Americans, we CAN do a better job with helping to make sure that 5 million people (including 1.5 million of our children) have basic air, water, food, AND shelter. Should that scare anyone?


A new Path has begun to embrace- no shortcuts- the Process of completing this valuable Project and Film. It will happen when the right people step forward as I take it to them. Editing 60-70 hours of high definition, digital honesty into a 90 minute conversation that will educate and bring ideas to the surface? Ain’t no big thaaaannnnggg. Time. Just time. And an adjustment to the proper “schedule” that is reality.

This country has amazing people….they will arrive soon. I believe that. The Journey is 90% of the Fun! Adjustments have begun. Momentary Times is moving forward.

Keep Smiling….. and Peace!

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