Musical Chairs on the Titanic…

The more things change, the more they remain the same...

When I talked with Sandie in NH this past Winter, she openly and honestly told of the time when she was a young single Mom at 24 and “but for some help from the state and my Mom for a year, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Now, Sandie- who has been gainfully employed for a quarter of a century, watches as her daughter struggles to survive with two young children, no jobs available, and the harsh reality of fuel bills and a tanked national economy on the horizon.

In the Pacific Northwest, social service agencies have been given the unenviable choice of watching while the states cut out financial assistance for people in need (the paltry $197 month in cash assistance to disabled people becomes exactly ZERO dollars and ZERO cents effective November 1st). Agencies are stepping up to “rescue” this situation by agreeing to help administer about 40% of the past year’s funds to those in need.

Where 700+ people in 2010 (Clark County, WA area) were getting the $197 per month (Wow!…) there will only be enough to serve about 333 people on a “first come, first serve” basis that leaves the slow walkers to the gate with NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. This is happening all across the Country.

This includes the elderly, Veterans, and displaced workers, among others.

Agencies stepping up to help will no doubt be vilified by the government when their “set up for failure” processes fall short; not only do these silly “solutions” by state and federal agencies not help solve the problems, they exacerbate the issues as well.

Not satisfied in merely shuffling the deck chairs on the metaphoric Titanic, the idiotic powers-that-be are actually ELIMINATING 2/3 of the chairs for folks unable to swim the upcoming cold waters of the US economy.

Celine Dion’s Heart may go on, but let’s brace ourselves for many Souls about to be lost at sea….

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