Oh!…Remember Year 2011…

2011 Children and Families

Before Wisconsin Teacher Unions Battled with Politicians, before Occupy, before another 2.6 million people slipped into Poverty (for a total of 46.2 million- highest ever on record in USA), Momentary Times was launched.

With a simple idea- that the concept of basic air, water, food, AND shelter should be re-affirmed as a basic “right” and not viewed as an “entitlement” for Americans (well, actually the World, for that matter- but let’s start with USA).

The Goal of producing a Documentary Film that is funny, irreverent, respectful and educational, is right on target. My own impatient and human timetable of how long it should take, hasn’t squared with the reality of actual Production, so the only measure of sanity that grounds me as I chip away at this Project (and hundreds of thousands of more people have become homeless in 2011) is this:

I hopped in a car on February 1, 2011, taking a 4 month unpaid sabbatical, traveling cross country and filming all varied voices of the issue, seeking answers, listening to ideas and solutions, and learning things all over again that I had thought I’d already known.

I’ve entered into the Film World, brushing elbows with Editors, Producers, Comedians and Celebrity Actors, and those who would seek to have this Film and Project be something it was never intended to be.

If I were to only show children, if I were to eliminate minorities, if I were to tone down the rhetoric, if I were to make it more funny, more sad, more cartoonish, more gritty, more this, less that…perhaps people would fund and throw their substantial support behind it. If only, if only…I dilute the Truth.

As if the Suffrage, Civil Rights, Special Olympics, Right of Choice, and other Injustice Movements would have been successes if the Truth had been parsed. Basic Humanity, including shelter, cannot (or should not) be negotiated away.

And the Truth is not always pretty. “Get a Job” used to be the simplified solution for a tough issue. What jobs? I love this Project. I’ve loved this Year 2011. It’s been Amazing on so many levels.

Currently, Momentary Times is being edited- one frame, one audio clip at a time. High definition digital incredible raw voices who will sing in a 90 minute finished Film in 2012. Stubborn Irishmen don’t quit. The Universe will provide- it always does.

Through it all, I’ve been able to work coast-to-coast at agencies I highly respect- Share, Inc on the west coast (Director of two family shelters and Hunger Response Director) and on my (current) job on east coast as Director of Operations at Cross Roads House. Day in and Day out, I’ve been humbled and blessed to work with my heroes- the families, children, and individuals who are currently shelterless…and the Staff who surrounds them to give them Hope, when sometimes buildings, monies, resources, or smiles are scarce or non-existent.

In 2011, I still have the best circle of family and friends (even some new ones) that any one person truly deserves. I have my health, the two best friends/kids in the World, and basic air, water, food, AND shelter.

Best of all, I still have the Dream intact. Momentary Times will become a reality, and begin to start a REAL conversation to help end Homelessness in America. Thanks 2011—you been berry, berry good… to me.

Please keep the Homeless in your daily thoughts…and Keep on Believing!
With Peace and Love, Dan :-)

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