How many Souls lost?….

4200 “Souls” nearly lost at sea with the tragic wreck earlier this month of the Costa Concordia. Fortunately, most were rescued after a terrifying few hours. They are grateful, no doubt.

By all good estimates, 675,000 “Souls” are Lost at Sea each and every night in America, that being the number of homeless children, elderly, physically and mentally ill, with families consisting of nearly half of these numbers.

675,000 EACH NIGHT in America, or the equivalent of over 160 Costa Concordia/ Titanic-like shipwrecks occurring EACH NIGHT; how would the news media even stay caught up with the stories?

And yet…. here they are- right in front of us. Not “terrified” as those luxury liner passengers (with million dollar lawsuits upcoming no doubt) were for a few hours… but hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly- while the “good Leaders” of our Country pass over them as if they were trash.

Will Carnival Cruise Lines, the parent company of the ship, be allowed 160 such NIGHTLY tragedies to occur on their watch? Of course not—Why…we are OUTRAGED with even a single event as the suffering 4200 passengers on the Costa Concordia!

675,000 EACH NIGHT Homeless in America. This isn’t going away soon, and the Captains have ALL left their ships for lifeboats LONG ago.

Shame on them. Shame on us for NOT holding them accountable.
Watch those icebergs now!….

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