Timing and Patience and Dimmer Switches…

We must ALL walk together when Vulnerable…

It has been awhile since I’ve updated the Project here, although it’s more frequent on the Facebook page. With following the latest political climate, there is reason to believe that The Universe is aligning our 18 month “ahead of the curve” Mission with the rest of the Country, which is evidently ready to start a REAL conversation about choices and exactly WHAT kind of country we want to be.

In my daily work at a homeless shelter, as well as conversations with folks from all walks of Life, I’m continuously reminded that the “on/off” or “black/white” or other polarizing issues that we are all pushed into by (alleged) “leaders” of our nation or states or towns, are really all irrelevant. What MOST people want is to work hard, be treated fairly and respectfully, and have an opportunity to get ahead for themselves—but ESPECIALLY for their children.

I propose a “dimmer switch” discussion that adjusts to meet our country’s needs. REALLY do we have to have “Social Darwinism” with Romney/Ryan or “Government Fixes All” with Obama/ Biden? Couldn’t we have a balanced approach with focus and fairness on Jobs and securing basic air, water, food, and shelter (Maslow’s four basic needs of humans) in a Country that purports to be “The Best” ever?

When we risk putting our elderly, our children, and our ill—the most vulnerable— in insecurity and danger, we “whore” ourselves to ANY value that is expedient and that is based solely on a flawed monetary value system.

Here is a summary of where the Project is at this Moment:
a) I’ve partnered with the Coruway Film Institute, a highly respected non-profit production studio (Portsmouth, NH) that is editing Momentary Times into four initial (1/2 hour) television pilots for a proposed series that will stay timely and focused.
b) The documentary is being built around three potential story lines and is being edited by Coruway along with interns and other collaborative studio partners (the documentary is a larger “beast” to fine tune)
c) A respected and highly experienced NH grant writer has been busy finding appropriate resources through NH Charitable Foundation and art/ film assets
d) A business Director is working with me to organize a “road trip” of fundraisers through New England theatres, with a 90-minute live program of film that is edited along with live stage Q & A with Dan on a Conversation of Ideas to help end Homelessness in America.
e) Every single day I have at least 100 people reminding me that “failure is NOT an option” as Momentary Times will give THEM a voice they currently don’t have. I learn every day.

There is rarely a day that goes by that Momentary Times is NOT worked on; great things and wonderful accomplishments are NOT like fast food. My Faith and Passion has NOT wavered since this Project began 18 months ago. Thanks for your continued interest and support. Keep Smiling! Peace, Dan :-)

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