(Heather Hamilton) $10
(Diane McWithey) $25 Starbucks card- Nice!
(Jaime DeForest) $25
(Lisa Lassell-Pozzi) Two Nights in Denver
(Patty Violet) $200
(Shirlene Warnock) $100
(Earnest B.) $100
(Anonymous) $200
(Jessica J.) A motel night in Iowa City, IA
(Theresa F-O) $25 AMEX Gift Certificate
(Chad H.) $100
(John/Andrea Mitchell) Two nights motel in Detroit
(Terry Mitchell) Discount rate hotels
(Jaida Mitchell) Acting for initial video proposal
(Dick/Mary Ellen Hart) A night in Marion, OH
(Beth Lapointe) Meals and Marketing Help
(Dennis Whitcher) Accommodations for many nights
(Jeffry S.) $50 cash
(Amy Simoneau) Log Cabin (base) for 8 weeks/ Data and Photography help
(John/Deb Roy) Accommodations and meals for multiple nights
(Krista Tunnell) $100
(Bobby R.) $185
(Barb R.) $20
(Doug Kerr) $20 + Equipment + Data help
(Jim Liberator) $100
(A Friend) $50
(Pat Findlay) $10
(Rod Harris) $6000
(Julie Montas) $50
(Caryn Keeney) $100
(Calvin Williams) $1000
(Marian McDonald) $55 + Starbucks card ($25) + two care packages + Supplies
(Susan Haley) $50 + Accommodations + Meals
(David-Gale Haley) Accommodations + Meals for four nights
(Christine Mitchell) Meals + Supplies + Graphic Design
(Jean Mitchell) Meals + Supplies
(RJ Balch) Data Management and Shipping costs of materials
(Ken Cosey) Printed materials



3 Responses to Donors

  1. Dick and Mary Ellen Hart says:

    We hosted the “crew” for a night and must say we were blown away with their energy, knowledge, compassion and respect for each other. Really nice people.
    Will take many long hard days to complete this Journey of humanitarianism.
    We are pleased to be a small part of this work in progress.
    Thanks Dan, Jason, Kyle and Scott it was a pleasure!

  2. Set up a 501 (c) 3 – well I can refer you to dynamic people so you can get more bang for your buck while perpetuating, building and bringing awareness to your project -

    and I want to tell you about my project that could intersect this project –


    oh and happy trails to you my friend

  3. Jean A. says:

    I like the listing of in-kind donations as well as cash. The variety of ways to support the project shows there are many ways help create a great documentary.

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