Oh!…You want to Help?…NICE!!

Any donated monies will provide necessary camera, editing, and computer equipment, along with travel expenses, as Dan uses a lifetime of experience to film a documentary that will be an invaluable learning tool for future social service endeavors of all kinds. It will also be a learning experience for public viewing. See you at Sundance Film Festival? We can all Dream together, right?

Think of filming over months, from the simple power of an idea, to an Extreme Makeover of the Project upon completion. The February of 2011 start until?…..will follow changes the area makes and understanding for families in need. We will all grow together.

Financial funding (it will take $20,000 to complete the Journey), labor, assets, gas cards, restaurant vouchers for crew (4 people), helping with planned benefits, donating items to fundraisers for auctions, donated small office space in town (for post-production- WiFi and 3 small Apple laptops), Marketing assistance, networking help. Everybody can do SOMETHING! :-)

Dan has never lived in this New England town, although he has been involved in opening two other shelters in his 20+ years in NH. In fact, he’s only driven through it a handful of times in his Life. Children, women, and men- at their most vulnerable times- will also offer their stories on film, with humor, ideas, and thoughts from them on helping to shape the changes.

Donors and Do-ers will be part of the film process, with all points of political views shared in honest and non-judgmental manners. This will be a positive film about coming together. Gandhi taught us that “We all have a piece of the Truth.” What is YOUR Truth? Ideas? Thoughts?

This will serve as a template of learning for social service agencies nationwide.

Mother Teresa said, “If you take time to judge people, there won’t be time to love them.”

Momentary Times is about filming Love in Action of hundreds (thousands?) of people. We need YOUR help. Please be a part of this unique Adventure of Hope!…and please tell your Friends. This is a wonderful Life-affirming opportunity for groups, businesses, schools, and organizations to help support needed funds for filming. Will you please lead?

Thanks for your support. This Film will help change Lives.

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