About the Crew

We are all in this Project together – Join Us! It was initiated by Dan Mitchell.

Dan Mitchell is currently the Director of family homeless shelters in the Pacific Northwest and the Hunger Response Director. An author of his first (creative non-fiction) book by the same name as Momentary Times, has recently been self-published.

Update: Dan became Director of Operations (October 2011) at Family and Individual Homeless Shelter in Portsmouth, NH area. Dan re-located after 4 years, to be closer to his children finishing college, and to complete the Mission of advocating through Momentary Times the Voices of the Most Vulnerable in our Country.

Dan is also the author/ presenter of an original two-hour live workshop/ forum for social service agencies entitled “Hospitality, Humor, and Homelessness” and is currently working on an accompanying companion book by the same title.

A Dad who reared his two young children (now in college) as a single Man, Dan (55 years young) has done amateur video production (camera and editing) since he was a young man. He has owned his own restaurant and lounge (ten years), been GM of a ski resort, and changed careers 14 years ago to non-profit focused organizations.

Since then, he has been Executive Director of an at-risk Youth Center, managed family homeless shelters on both east and west coasts, and has been an Administrator for a family wellness center.

As the founder of Project Homebound in 1984 (where 100% of donations still go every Thanksgiving to families in need in northern NH), his desire continues to be to work in creative and collaborative manners with others to help contribute to the communities he lives in.

Dan is incredibly humbled and grateful every day for his family, friends, co-workers, and for his own many blessings in Life….and for the courageous “Angels” he’s met (and others that he looks forward to meeting soon) with his work on a unique Path and this Celebration of Life film.

Some who have volunteered and donated their time/efforts for this Project:

Amy J. Simoneau, has owned and operated a property management and concierge business in the Southern NH area since 1997. She received her BS in Business Administration in December 2009. Amy has volunteered in several areas: Crotched Mountain Rehab Center Bike Race, Extreme Make-Over Home Edition in NH, propane assistance to the needy, community services for a Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) patient, conducted a program to raise funds for a Women’s Shelter Home in West Virginia, and has provided pro bono services and charitable donations for families.

Within the last couple of years, Amy has been focusing on: photography and painting. Nature, unique landscapes, and candid shots are her primary interests. Amy attends NHIA courses and the photoshop seminars have given her a greater perspective and newer ways of telling a story through the camera lens.

Kyle Glenn (right): Kyle Glenn is a born and raised Oregonian. After graduating from the Art Institute of Portland in 2008 with a bachelors of arts in digital media production, he began a production company with three of his fellow classmates. With his production company,Quarter Orange, Kyle has had the pleasure of Producing and Directing a wide variety of projects, from Tequila commercials to non-profit fundraising videos. They also completed their first feature film, “Evidence of the Sasquatch,” in 2010 and it is now traveling the festival circuit. Kyle is looking forward to being a part of ‘Momentary Times,’ and putting his skills towards social investigation and action.

Jason Faust- Videographer, Lighting, Editing
Scott Hart- Digital Audio, Assistant
Nick Carignan- Editing
Doug Kerr- Editing
Suki Brown- Videographer

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